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Mom Jeans

Origami Angel, Save Face, Pool Kids

Sunday, November 21
Show: | 7pm // Doors: | 6pm
Union Transfer will be a 100% vaccinated venue in Nov and will require all guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Negative tests will not be accepted. Click for more info

Mom Jeans

Hella Epic Band From The Bay.

Origami Angel

With an initial collection of releases that dove deep into the surface-level stuff that helps keep our minds off of ourselves––video games, TV shows, fantasy worlds, and food––this young indie-emo duo from Washington, D.C. has created a universe all their own.

Save Face

New Jersey-based rock band Save Face have released their full-length debut, Merci. The album is the band’s first release for Epitaph.

With its catchy-yet-off-kilter and viscerally charged sound, Merci is a concept album about an addict dealing with post-rehab relationship struggles and an eventual paranoia-fueled meltdown. Partly inspired by the theatricality of such bands as Queen, Merci is driven by a dramatic tension that reflects Save Face’s mission of making emotionally complex, multi-faceted art.

“I think the biggest challenge is writing something that has merit in an artistic context while still being palatable and digestible for an average listener,” notes vocalist/guitarist Tyler Povanda, whose bandmates include guitarist Phil McGarry, bassist Chris Aveta, and drummer Chris Flannery. “I want someone to put these songs on while they’re having a great day the same way they can listen to it while going through a crisis.”

Formed in 2012, Save Face released their debut EP Folly in 2016. Last November, the band delivered Folly: On The Rocks—a stripped-down, partly acoustic, more intimate rendition of that EP. With their remarkable work ethic, Save Face have played hundreds of shows per year, spending an impressive nine months on the road in 2017 (including a run with their labelmates The Menzingers).

Pool Kids

Formed in the fallout of hopelessness and toxic friendships, Tallahassee quartet Pool Kids displays a penchant for technical precision, highlighted by searing guitar riffs, dynamic lyrical prowess, and an abundance of passion. Their debut record showcased genre-defying elements of math and pop rock, and was co-signed by Paramore’s Hayley Williams.