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Thursday, October 08
Show | 8:30pm // Doors | 7:30pm
The scheduled October 8th show with Soulwax has been canceled. You can exchange your October 8th ticket for a voucher that is good for ANY show of your choice at Union Transfer in 2020 OR 2021. No show will be excluded. Tickets can be of any dollar amount. If you choose a cheaper show, your card will receive a credit for the cash difference. You are able to select your show any time over the next year and a half, as we begin to get back to business and announce more concerts later in the year. If you are interested in the voucher, please e-mail info@utphilly.com before June 19th and we'll get you set up immediately. You do not need to contact us if you would like to receive a refund, they will begin to process around June 19th (approx. takes 2-3 weeks for the credit to appear on your card).


Transient program for drums and machinery is a traveling installation manned by seven musicians of which three use drum sticks and the other four use analog circuitry.