Jedi Mind Tricks

Outerspace, CRIMEAPPLE

All Ages
Jedi 75071669992523
Saturday, March 18
Doors: 8pm Show: 9pm

Jedi Mind Tricks

The Big Ragu

Esoteric (Czarface)


Jedi Mind Tricks (JMT) is an underground hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded by two high school friends, rapper Vinnie Paz (Vincenzo Luvineri) and producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (Kevin Baldwin). In 1999 second rapper Jus Allah joined the group to record their second studio album, Violent by Design. Jus left the group shortly after, but returned in late 2006 and began working on the sixth studio album, A History of Violence. In 2011 Stoupe left the group because "his heart wasn't in making JMT records anymore". In 2013, Jus split from the group indefinitely, and Stoupe returned in 2015.